SPA Program

This group of non-gaming, geek-centric activities has something for everyone, no matter what you're interested in, whether you like crafty events or active events. There are even events that will allow you to explore more of the Indianapolis!

Have an idea for a non-gaming event you'd like to run at Gen Con but not sure where to start? You can email the Gen Con Events department with any questions about running events.


Events in the SPA category can be roughly divided into three kinds of events: crafty activities, active experiences, and tours. Although there are no guarantees as to what specific events will be offered next year, we can provide you with examples of events that have been run in this category in the past.

The majority of events in this category can be classified as "crafty" activities. Typical events in this category include knitting, crochet, jewelry making, sewing, and a variety of different crafting classes, often with a geeky theme. All supplies and tools required to participate in the workshops are provided, so all you need to bring is yourself. Most events are suitable for beginners; you can check the event listing to determine the level of experience required.

Attendees making dice towers.

Typical active events at the convention include fitness classes, such as pilates and Zumba, as well as more relaxing classes such as tai chi and yoga. You can level up your Rogue skills in a variety of sword, martial art, and hand to hand fighting classes. And some of the most popular classes are the many dancing classes, which teach a variety of styles, including both contemporary and ballroom styles.

As for tour events, these typically include several downtown waking tours; downtown Indianapolis has a lot of interesting and noteworthy historical buildings and monuments. This category may also occasionally include shuttle bus tours to other locations in the Indianapolis area.

So as you see, whether you are a part time gamer, hard core gamer, or not even a gamer at all, you'll find something to enjoy in this program.

Floor Exercise


Looking for a little inspiration? Need to get your crafting fix? Would you like to relax in a craft friendly environment? Then stop by Gen Con's Open Crafting room. Plenty of space and many free supplies are available. Even more incredible it's not just the supplies that are gratis, it's FREE for anyone with a Gen Con badge. It's also a great place to de-stash your extra crafting supplies!