Discover International Games

Discover International Games!

Designed to provide an opportunity for Gen Con attendees to experience games from all around the world in one place, this event showcases different styles of play and design not typically seen in the United States. Archetypical German or Euro-style board games are already familiar in the American market and are not the primary focus; however, other German and European games certainly could be. Similarly, a game from Canada or Australia might fit in if it’s clearly distinct from mainstream USA gaming or originally designed and published in French in Quebec or by First Nations people. Games translated into English are a perfect fit, but even untranslated games are welcomes, particularly when accompanied by someone who can summarize and explain the context in the game.

The Gen Con 2016 event, Around the World in XX Games, featured roleplaying games, card games, miniature games, and board games from diverse countries, such as Italy, the Republic of Singapore, France, Japan, Sweden and Quebec. The event ran for four hours on Saturday night.

Parties interested in joining the next Discover International Games event are welcome to contact us now for details. If you are a fan of a game that would fit in with this event, we encourage you to sign up to host games at the event or send us information about the game, so we can reach out to the publisher. Game hosts receive credit per the standard Gen Con badge reimbursement procedures. We would very much like to hear from distributors, publishers, writers, artists, and other creators who would like to be involved.

If you are intrigued by games from around the world and have any questions or want to get involved, please contact us via, on Facebook, and on Twitter @DiscIntlGames.