FEPH Policies

First Exposure Playtest Hall Policies 2017

August 17 – August 20, 2017 | Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

The First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) is a dedicated event space at Gen Con particularly designed to showcase games that are still in development and not yet available for purchase. Instead of players buying tickets and paying to play (like most events at the convention), the publisher or designer pays a fee to reserve a block of time and attendees can play for free throughout Gen Con. It’s the perfect opportunity to test a game and get feedback from players “in the wild.”

Designers and publishers can purchase a Participant package of four or eight 2-hour playtest sessions to be scheduled during the Convention weekend.

The hall is open and attendees are welcome to walk through and look at games in development. Please note there is no private space available for playtesting – in fact, Participants are encouraged to plan for and take advantage of the fact that anyone could walk by and see their game in progress. Operating hours of the room are 8 AM to Midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Gen Con, and 8 AM to 2 PM on Sunday.

The First Exposure Playtest Hall is managed and presented by Double Exposure, Inc., which runs a number of gaming industry events and conventions of its own, including DEXCON, DREAMATION, METATOPIA and the Envoy Program.

Anyone interested in becoming a Participant by purchasing playtest sessions for their unpublished game must agree to the details outlined here and in the general Gen Con Event Host Policy, then complete the online application form, available at http://www.gencon.com/host/2017feph.

Detailed Policies for Participants

Definition of Terms : Gen Con, LLC is referred to as “Gen Con.” Gen Con is referred to as “Convention.” Double Exposure, Inc is referred to as “Double Exposure.” The First Exposure Playtest Hall” is referred to as “FEPH.” A designer or publisher participating in the FEPH is referred to as “Participant.”

All events in the FEPH must abide by the general Event Host Policy, except where explicitly contradicted here. By applying for the FEPH, all Participants affirm that they have read and agree to abide by that document in its entirety.

1. Registration

a. Participant must complete the FEPH application online; link is available at http://www.gencon.com/host/2017feph.

b. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

c. All fields on the application are required. Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you do not have a Gen Con account number, you must create an account at www.gencon.com, and add that account number to your application.

d. Shortly after an application has been received, Participant will receive an email notifying them that an invoice has been prepared. This invoice is due immediately upon receipt. After this invoice has been paid, Participant will be sent a further email confirming their status and their GM Badge Allocation. They will be contacted by Double Exposure shortly thereafter to coordinate event details and schedule playtest slots. All scheduling is based on a first come, first served basis.

e. Only games or expansions that are not yet published may be scheduled in the FEPH.

f. Should the FEPH sell out, applications will be placed on a waiting list.

i. Participants will be notified by Double Exposure via email if available sessions open and wait-list Participants have 48 hours to respond and confirm interest.

g. There are no refunds for canceled FEPH participation.

2. Participation

a. Participation in the FEPH is sold in “packages.”

i. A "standard" package will include four (4) “sessions,” each two (2) hours in length, for a total of eight (8) hours of playtest time per package. This comes with two (2) Complimentary GM Badges. Each "standard" package costs $300.

ii. A "deluxe" package will include eight (8) "sessions" each of two (2) hours in length, for a total of sixteen (16) hours of playtest time per package. This comes with four (4) Complimentary GM Badges. Each "deluxe" package costs $600.

b. Participants must check in at the FEPH HQ no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for a playtest session. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the session. Refunds will not be issued and sessions will only be rescheduled at Gen Con & Double Exposure’s discretion.

c. Each session can be a different game (or different aspect of a game), or the Participant can repeat the same test multiple times.

d. Participant may request via discussions with Double Exposure specific demographics for each playtest session (e.g. “experienced players” or “sci-fi fans”) and Double Exposure will make a reasonable effort to recruit those kinds of players, but availability will ultimately be limited by the attendees waiting to play.

e. Unlike most other events at Gen Con, attendees are allowed to take part in playtest sessions for free. Participants should not collect or require tickets from players. FEPH HQ will take care of all ticket collection and attendance tracking at the door. If any attendees attempt to give you a ticket, direct them to the FEPH HQ.

f. Participant is responsible for providing all resources necessary for playtest session, including rules, props, dice, pencils, paper, etc., as well as any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or other paperwork the Participant desires.

g. Your event must be set up and torn down within the 2-hour time slot assigned to you; there is no additional time for set up and tear down.

h. Gen Con attracts a wide variety of attendees. Material presented during a playtest session should be suitable for most ages. Participants are expected to exercise appropriate judgment in the presentation of necessary subject matter. Gen Con & Double Exposure reserves the right to cancel any event deemed inappropriate, whether due to excessive nudity, violence, overt sexuality, or offensive material.

i. There is no guarantee that all your scheduled playtest sessions will happen at the same table over the course of the Convention.

j. Sales of any kind are strictly prohibited in the FEPH.

3. Complimentary Game Master (GM) Badges

a. Valid badges are required for entrance into FEPH and must be visible at all times while in the FEPH, convention center, and surrounding hotels for the duration of Gen Con.

b. "Standard" packages include two (2) complimentary Gamemaster (“GM”) badges. "Deluxe" packages include four (4) complimentary Gamemaster ("GM") badges. Participants that need additional badges will need to purchase general attendee badges, as normal.

c. GM badges must be assigned to a specific group or company name. If you have not participated at Gen Con before, a group will be created based on the company or group name you provide on your submission. Then, your personal Gen Con account will be linked with the group account as primary point of contact. GM Badges will be allocated to this group and it will be your responsibility as primary contact to assign these badges to the individuals on your team (including yourself).

d. Badges are assigned through Gen Con’s registration system like any other badge type. Sign into your account and click on “Buy a Badge” or “Get a Badge” and select the “Gamemaster” badge type, assigning it to your staff as needed.

e. Participants are solely responsible for assigning badges online and are encouraged to do so well before the convention to avoid any delay on site.

f. GM badges are not mailed out prior to the convention and must be picked up on site at GM HQ starting at 5 pm on Wednesday, before checking in at the FEPH for your playtest sessions.

4. Advertising & Promotion

a. Gen Con will provide a dedicated FEPH section of the convention program guide and web site, and use highlights for pre-show promotions.

b. By completing a FEPH application, Participant grants Gen Con the right to use their name, image, title, and game details in promotional material that could include, but is not limited to, the Gen Con web site, onsite program book, email blasts, print collateral such as flyers, or social media posts.

c. Participants are encouraged to provide Double Exposure with images including their game in play, game materials, or game or company logos along with a 50-word description of their game for possible inclusion in the Gen Con program book and web site. Materials must be submitted to Double Exposure by email no later than the opening of event registration in order to be considered for inclusion.

d. Participants are invited to submit a static image (JPG format, exactly 1680 x 1080 resolution) for display around the FEPH room advertising their game(s). These images may be shown to Gen Con attendees who pass by the area on a rotating basis.

e. Participants are allowed to bring a single stand-alone banner not to exceed 7' high x 36" wide which they can use at the head of the table they are assigned to for each slot. During times that they are not scheduled for a playtest, the banner can be placed against a wall in a section designated for that purpose by FEPH management.

5. Security & Liability

a. Gen Con LLC will arrange for personnel to control access to the FEPH but is not responsible for any injury to Participants’ agents, servants, employees, or damage to or theft of property from any cause prior to, during, or subsequent to Gen Con. Participant hereby expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Gen Con LLC against any and all claims for such loss, damage, or injury.

b. Participant is required to insure their own exhibits, display materials, merchandise, and personnel. Participant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Gen Con LLC against any and all claims for loss, damage, or injury associated with Participant’s vehicles, property, personnel, events, and general conduct at the event. In the event that Gen Con LLC or the owners of the convention site are held liable for reasons caused or aggravated by Participant’s action or failure to act in any manner whatsoever, said Participant shall reimburse Gen Con LLC and/or the convention-site owners for all costs incurred.

c. Participant is fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to the convention-site owners or personnel resulting from Participant’s displays or actions.

d. Participant is fully responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to Gen Con attendees resulting from Participant’s displays or actions.

e. Participant is liable to the convention services firm for any and all damage, from whatever cause, to rented or leased booth equipment and shall indemnify, defend, or hold harmless Gen Con LLC against any and all claims or suits for such damage.

f. Gen Con LLC reserves the right to cancel arrangements or contracts or close an exhibit whenever it is deemed necessary for the safety or comfort of those attending Gen Con whenever the exhibit, activity, or material sold is objectionable or offensive to the average person attending Gen Con, whenever legal conditions, convention policies, or requirements of the convention site so dictate, or whenever portions of the convention site are destroyed or damaged.

g. Likewise, Gen Con LLC reserves the right to cancel arrangements, contracts, or exhibits if Gen Con fails to take place as scheduled, is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lock out, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by a government agency or Gen Con LLC Show Management, or for any other reason that terminates this contract. In the event of such termination, Participant waives all claims of damages and agree that the sole liability of Gen Con LLC shall be the display space rental fee paid, less a pro rata portion of all costs and expenses incurred and committed to, by Gen Con LLC Show Management.

h. Gen Con LLC reserves the right of editorial discretion over any material submitted as Gen Con program advertising that is deemed objectionable to the average person attending Gen Con. Participant must meet the Gen Con LLC Show Management standards of good taste.

i. Participant will comply with all laws of the United States as well as all applicable state or local ordinances, rules, and requirements of police and fire departments or other authorities of such jurisdictions, will obtain all necessary permits and licenses with respect to their activities, and will not do or suffer to be done anything during the term of this agreement in violation of any such laws, ordinances, rules, or regulations. If the attention of said Participant is called to any such violation committed by said Participant, or committed by any person employed by or admitted to the premises by said Participant, said Participant will immediately desist and correct, or cause to be corrected, such violation. Participant agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Gen Con LLC from any and all costs, suits, and legal proceedings alleging violations of any such law or regulation.

j. Use of any product by any Participant, employee, or agent thereof containing the Gen Con trademark, the Gen Con logotype, or other trademarks owned by Gen Con LLC is prohibited without the express written permission of Gen Con LLC. Participant agrees that if any materials making such unauthorized use appear at the convention, Gen Con LLC shall have the right to take possession of and destroy all such materials, as well as to pursue other available legal remedies.

k. All matters and questions not covered by this application and these terms are subject to the decision of Gen Con LLC Show Management.

l. Participant agrees to abide by and conform to any additional rules and regulations that may be from time to time adopted or prescribed by Gen Con LLC for the management of Gen Con and the exhibit areas.

m. Participant acknowledges that they have read the preceding terms and conditions, expressly agree to comply with them, and authorize Gen Con LLC to enforce them.

6. General Rules & Regulations

a. In addition to these, all Participants in the FEPH must also read and familiarize themselves with the general Event Host Policy which covers all aspects of running events at Gen Con.

b. No live animals are allowed inside the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) unless they are service animals.

c. Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be given out inside the Indiana Convention Center by any individual. Any costs incurred by the ICC to remove any decals/stickers affixed to floors, walls, windows, doors, escalators, handrails, ICC equipment, etc. inside the facility will be billed to the party associated with the sticker/decal.

d. Photography is allowed in the FEPH.

e. Participant must comply with, and be bound by, all laws, ordinances, and regulations of the country, state, county, city, facility, and, whenever applicable, police and fire departments.

f. No one will be allowed into the FEPH during closed hours. All items and valuables must be taken with the Participant before the FEPH closes each evening. Open hours are 7:30 AM to Midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Gen Con, and 7:30 AM to 2 PM on Sunday.