Event Team Policies

Anyone interested in joining the Event Team at Gen Con must be aware of the following policies. Please read them carefully and contact [email protected] if you have any questions that are not answered here or on the Event Team FAQ.


  • All Event Team members must complete and submit an Event Team Application.
  • All Event Team members must be 18 years of age to apply.
  • Shifts are a minimum of four consecutive hours with one 15-minute break.
  • All Event Team members are paid positions.
  • All Event Team members must wear their Gen Con badge while in the convention center or working/attending events in any of the surrounding hotels.
  • Event Team shirts or vests are to be worn during the work shift at all times. They are NOT to be worn after your shift ends.
  • Everyone must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Please refrain from wearing torn or dirty clothing or open-toed shoes. Comfortable walking shoes are best, as many will be standing or walking a great deal during their shifts.
  • Do not wear headphones or play video games.
  • Personal cell phone use should be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Children are not allowed to accompany an Event Team member during their shift.
  • We ask that everyone acts in the best interest of Gen Con by respecting attendees, fellow Event Team members and Staff, as well as promoting a safe and healthy environment.
  • Everyone must refrain from any deliberate acts that may create a dangerous or unhealthy situation during Gen Con. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages, and assaulting, threatening, or disregarding the safety of an individual. If you know of anyone who might be under the influence or is exhibiting dangerous or risky behavior, please report to Gen Con Staff or security immediately.
  • Event Team members are not permitted to use their status to promote or conduct personal business.
  • Event Team members may not use their status to engage exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, or hotel personnel to gain access to special deals or treatment.
  • Working or volunteering for groups other than Gen Con during the convention is permitted, but only outside of your scheduled Event Team shifts and duties, which are your first priority.
  • Some Event Team roles have physical requirements and require sitting, standing, or walking for extended periods of time. Any special assistance or accommodation needs should be discussed with your manager prior to accepting a role.
  • Event Team members found to be in violation of these policies may be escorted off the premises and have all Event Team Member privileges revoked.


The Page program has been discontinued. These duties will now be executed by the Support Team, hired through BCForward. For employment information, contact BCForward by email at [email protected].

Please include the following in your initial contact:

  • Name
  • State of residence
  • Whether your a previous employee
  • Contact information
  • Support Team members do not receive compensation for housing or travel. A 4-Day Badge will be provided by BCForward. Badges will not be available for housing opening. If you need a badge for that or Event Registration please purchase one and Gen Con will refund it 4 - 6 weeks after the show. Once a time card has been confirmed.


    • Apprentices are responsible for making their own housing and travel arrangements.
    • Apprentices must have a valid 4-Day badge.
    • Timecards will be given out to all Apprentices, and must be certified by the Captain or Gen Con Staff member supervising that area. If you do not obtain a supervisor's signature, the hours listed for that area will not count toward your total.
    • A completed timecard must be submitted by the end of the show to the Event Team HQ for payroll processing and badge reimbursement.
    • Badge reimbursements will only be issued for Apprentices who complete their scheduled shifts. Badge refunds will be processed via the original method of payment within six weeks of the show.


    • All Captains and Deputies must attend the All Hands meeting.
    • There is no need for Captains and Deputies to purchase their own badges. A complimentary Event Team badge will be provided at the All Hands meeting.
    • Timecards will be given out to all Captains and Deputies, and must be certified by the Gen Con Staff member supervising that area. Timecards must be signed and turned in the Show Office as part of the check-out process. If you do not obtain a supervisor's signature, the hours listed for that area will not count toward your total.
    • Must be able to work the required hours/days they are scheduled for.
    • Overtime must be approved by a Gen Con Staff member.
    • Captains and Deputies will receive housing assignments from Gen Con and do not need to make their own housing arrangements. Contact the Customer Service & Event Team Manager with any specific requests not included on the application.
    • Those who wish to make their own housing arrangements (in order to room with friends or family who are not Captains or Deputies) must indicate so on the application. The hotel must be part of the Gen Con block to qualify for reimbursement. For assistance in finding a hotel room, email the Customer Service & Event Team Manager.
    • Gen Con LLC will only reimburse 1/2 of the total cost of the room including tax, up to the $133 maximum. Incidentals will be the responsibility of the Event Team Member unless otherwise arranged with the Customer Service & Event Team Manager. Captains and Deputies must provide their own credit card, debit card, or cash deposit to meet hotel deposit requirements.
    • In order to receive reimbursement: Submit a copy of the final hotel bill with the Captain or Deputy name listed to Event Team HQ or email, or snail mail it to Gen Con LLC within four weeks after the show. Reimbursements for hotel rooms will be issued by check and mailed within six weeks after the show.
    • Captains' travel arrangements must be approved by the Travel Coordinator prior to the show and cannot exceed the allotted budget unless authorized by the Customer Service & Event Team Manager or the appropriate Gen Con Manager. Airfare must be booked using the Gen Con corporate portal.
    • Captains who drive will be reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS mileage rate up to the allotted budget amount, including long term parking. If arranged in advance, Gen Con will provide long term parking for one (1) vehicle in a lot specified by Gen Con, or provide a maximum parking reimbursement of $90 if pre-paid long-term parking cannot be provided (see reimbursement details under the option to self-park below).
    • Only Captains who drive vehicles to the convention are eligible for mileage and/or parking reimbursement; however, the maximum mileage reimbursement will be raised by $650 per eligible passenger.
    • Deputies must make their own travel arrangements.
    • If you opt to self-park elsewhere, you may receive a maximum $90 parking allowance for receipts turned in (for a total maximum of $650 per driver). Parking allowance is a flat $90 for the vehicle, regardless of the number of eligible passengers.


    • Employment paperwork and payroll will be processed through BCforward, a third-party staffing agency.
    • Pay period is Monday through Sunday.
    • Pay date is the Friday after the convention and is issued via direct deposit.
    • Overtime will be paid at time and a half for hours in excess of 40 within the pay period, and must be approved in advance by a Gen Con Manager.