Volunteer Guide - Event Volunteers

Who are Event Volunteers?

Gen Con has a number of Events that invite their own volunteers to work specifically in their event areas. These people are called “Event Volunteers”. The Event Coordinators (or Event Organizers) recruit and oversee their Event Volunteers, and any benefits received come directly from the Event Coordinator.

Because Event Volunteers are specific to an event and not part of the general Gen Con Volunteer Pool, they are not considered Pages, Apprentices, Deputies or Captains. However, any Event Volunteer interested in joining the Gen Con Volunteer Program are welcome and will be transferred into our Mentorship Program, based the number of years they have worked at Gen Con Indy and on recommendations by Gen Con Staff and Captains.

If you are interested in volunteering full-time for a specific event at Gen Con Indy, feel free to contact the Event Organizer or GM directly to become one of their Event Volunteers.

How can I become a Gen Con Captain if I am currently an Event Volunteer?

We welcome any Event Volunteer interested in joining the Gen Con Volunteer Pool! All you need to do is send us an email at volunteers(at)gencon.com, stating where you worked before and that you want to join the Volunteer Program. Gen Con will review the work you have done, including number of shows, hours worked, type of work and level of responsibility, and will solicit feedback from areas you have worked in the past. This information will help us determine where best to place you within our Volunteer Program.

Anyone joining the Mentorship Program must abide by the Gen Con Volunteer Policies, and our Deputies and Captains are expected to also be familiar with the Convention Center and Gen Con Show Policies. New Apprentices and Deputies must also be willing to work in any area in which they are assigned. Of course, anyone can request a specific area, but we cannot guarantee that is where they will be placed. We place volunteers in the areas where there is specific need. Once inbedded in the Mentorship Program, volunteers can move quickly up the ladder from Apprentice to Deputy to Captain, based on their job performance and as space becomes available. See the Mentorship Program page for more information.

Please keep in mind Mentorship is for volunteers who are serious about dedicating their time and talents to making Gen Con Indy successful and are willing and able to work 40+ hours during the week of Gen Con Indy.

If you have questions regarding transferring into to Gen Con’s Mentorship Program, check out the Volunteer Policies and Volunteer FAQ pages or contact the Customer Service & Volunteer Manager at volunteers(at)gencon.com or 800-529-3976, x3806. Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific). During the convention, all inquiries can be made at the Volunteer HQ kiosk.