Family Fun Day

Helping families have fun is a top priority for The Best Four Days In Gaming!(TM), and the Gen Con team has put more focus than ever into programming to accommodate kids, parents and families!

A family of four can purchase up to four Sunday badges for just $45!

While there will be kids-only events throughout the full four days of Gen Con, only Sunday is Family Fun Day.

In fact, from the moment that you get your Sunday badges, you will be able to start family focused gaming and entertainment activities: Sunday only, pick up a Family Fun Day Passport Booklet at the Coupon Book kiosk (and make sure to grab a coupon book while you are there!). The passport booklet has listings of special activities by companies and gaming groups that have taken extra efforts to prepare for your arrival.

Explore the exhibit hall for shopping and game demos with the worlds' best game companies, or choose one of the thousands of activities in the Gen Con Program Book.


  1. Sign into your account and click the “Get A Badge” link on the left side of the screen.
  2. Press the select button for the Family Fun Package.
  3. Click your name, and then hit the “Checkout” button. Click the names you want to add. If there are no names you will need to add them.
  4. At the bottom of the page you will see a “Someone else” link. Click that link. You will see an email address box (If the person has an account you would put their address in there). If your family does not have accounts you will want to select the “Don’t Know” button
  5. Then enter their first and last name in the boxes provided and hit the enter key on your keyboard.
    IMPORTANT: Do not click “Submit” yet!
  6. Hitting the enter key will add that person to your list. Repeat this step until you have added everyone you want to buy the badge for.
  7. Then make sure you click their names once you’ve added them! When you have added everyone and clicked their names you will be able to hit the submit button.
  8. Now all of your "family" will be listed on the Family Fun badge and account.


The Family Fun Pavilion is an area dedicated to family gaming for all ages. Exhibitors in this area in include: Action Phase Games, Bananagrams, Blue Orange Games, Bricks & Boards, Calliope Games, Card Caddy, Con*Quest Journals, Continuum Games, FoxMind, G33k & Co, Gamewright, Gigamic, Grand Gamers Guild, Green Couch Games, HABA, Indie Boards & Cards, Kids Table Board Gaming, Mayday Games, North Star Games, Peaceable Kingdom, Pegasus Speile, R&R Games, Ravensburger North America, Renegade Games Studio, Resonym, Set Enterprises Inc, Spy Alley Partners and Step Puzzle.


Training grounds is a place to introduce kids to the gaming world and all its possibilities. It is designed for kids and those young at heart to come, play and explore! Training Grounds is most appropriate for kids ages 4-12 years old. This area also includes a space for crawling and newly walking toddlers to run freely without all of the traffic throughout the convention center.


There are few locations throughout the convention center where nursing mothers can find some privacy. A private area is located in the back of the Training Grounds area and some nursing station lounge chairs can be found in the woman’s restroom in the Crossroads concourse across from the security and first aid offices.

Badges, may be purchased onsite, or by creating your Gen Con registration account and buying them through this website. You can have them shipped to you, or pick them up at Will Call onsite.

Want more information? Contact Customer Service.