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What is Pop-Up Gen Con?

Pop-Up Gen Con is a Gen Con program that allows you to get a taste of the Gen Con experience at your local retailer. Pop-Up Gen Con takes place during "The Best Four Days in Gaming" at various retailers located all over the United States (and possibly in the UK and Canada).

Pop-Up Gen Con attendees can see, demo, and in some cases, purchase games being released exclusively at Gen Con in Indianapolis. Some Pop-Up Gen Con stores will be running additional events, too. Some stores may also be running a stream of Gen Con TV live from Gen Con. Check with your FLGS for details!

How many days does Pop-Up Gen Con run?

Pop-Up Gen Con is available for retailers to run Thursday to Sunday, July 30 – August 2, 2020 concurrently with the Gen Con convention in Indianapolis. The primary day is Saturday, but retailers have the option to extend the days depending on their store schedule. Check with your participating Pop-Up Gen Con store to get details.

Where do I register for Pop-Up Gen Con?

You can register for Pop-Up Gen Con from the "Get a Badge" screen of gencon.com when Pop-Up Gen Con registrations go on sale. You will need to select the store you would like to visit and go from there. You will first need a Gen Con account to do so.

How many registrations can I buy?

Each attendee can purchase only one registration per person. You may, however, register additional friends. See below for details.

Can I register my friends?

Just like for Gen Con, you can purchase registrations for your friends. You will need to first add your friends to your Friends & Family list. Once your friend has approved your friend request, head to the Get a Badge screen and click "Select" next to Pop-Up Gen Con toward the bottom of the badge options. Then, check each friend's name whom you wish to register, and they will be added to your cart.

Will Pop-Up Gen Con sell out?

There is a limit to the number of Pop-Up Gen Con registrations at each Pop-Up Gen Con event; however, the individual store may choose to admit walk-ins at their discretion. Contact your participating store or check the store information page for more details.

I am registered, but my friend isn’t. Can I get them into Pop-Up Gen Con?

Please check with your participating Pop-Up Gen Con store to see if there will be accepting walk-in registrations. Note that anyone wishing to attend Pop-Up Gen Con will first need a Gen Con account in order to do so.

What does my registration include?

With your paid registration, you will receive a commemorative badge, tradable pin, and lanyard. Registrations guarantee you entrance to your participating Pop-Up Gen Con store and to all the events they are offering.

How do I pick up my commemorative badge and pin? Will you mail it to me?

You may pick up your registration pack, containing your commemorative badge, tradable pin, and lanyard, only at your participating Pop-Up Gen Con store. You may be asked to show your ID or your receipt of purchase before receiving your badge, etc. Gen Con will not mail Pop-Up Gen Con registration packs nor include them in the Gen Con convention Ship to Me or Will Call packets. You must go to the store to receive your registration pack.

Can I refund my Pop-Up Gen Con purchase?

Pop-Up Gen Con registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Will there be ticketed events at Pop-Up Gen Con?

There won’t be officially ticketed events using Gen Con’s system, but stores may opt to have sign-ups for their events. Individual Pop-Up Gen Con stores may issue tickets on their own for events happening in their store during Pop-Up Gen Con. Check with your local store for more info.

Will there be food and drink at Pop-Up Gen Con?

This is up to individual Pop-Up Gen Con stores and their current services and capabilities. Contact your Pop-Up Gen Con store to find out.

Will my commemorative badge get me into the Gen Con convention in Indianapolis?

No. Pop-Up Gen Con commemorative badges are not valid for entry during any day of the Gen Con convention in Indianapolis.

Is my registration good for all four days of Pop-Up Gen Con?

Yes, the Pop-Up Gen Con commemorative badge allows you entry during any day that Pop-Up Gen Con is running in your local store. Certain stores may set their own participation limitations. Please check with your local store for additional information.

What events will be taking place at Pop-Up Gen Con?

Events are the heart of Gen Con and Pop-Up Gen Con is no exception. At Pop-Up Gen Con you will have the opportunity to see, demo, and potentially buy games being released exclusively at Gen Con. In addition, some stores may be running a stream of Gen Con TV live from the Gen Con convention. Your store may decide to run full games and host companion events, too. Check your local game store for details on what events are taking place.

How do I sign up for events or demos at Pop-Up Gen Con?

Each store will handle sign-ups and/or line management as they see fit. Please check with your local store for details.

What games will be available at Pop-Up Gen Con?

The final list of available games will be announced closer to the event. Announcements will made via our email newsletters and social media posts. In 2019, releases from Breaking Games, Czech Games, Forbidden Games, Greater Than Games, Paizo Inc., Pandasaurus Games, and Renegade Games were a part of Pop-Up Gen Con.

What Is Gen Con TV?

Gen Con livestreams from the convention in Indianapolis during Pop-Up Gen Con. This stream features multiple channels showing events and demo sessions with publishers, including some of the games available at Pop-Up Gen Con. The livestream schedule will be posted at www.twitch.tv/gencontv; note this can change up to the week before the convention. Check out Gen Con TV anytime on Twitch.

Will I be able to buy Pop-Up Gen Con games?

Yes you may, but this is store-dependent. Individual participating Pop-Up Gen Con retailers can decide if they want to offer this. Check with your store for details.

What if I have additional questions about Pop-Up Gen Con?

Your local participating Pop-Up Gen Con store is usually your best bet for getting questions answered. However, you can always contact Gen Con Customer Service directly.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (800) 529-3976 or (206) 957-3976

Why is my local store not a part of Pop-Up Gen Con? Can I get them added for next year?

Stores apply to host Pop-Up Gen Con. Some store may have missed the application deadline or did not qualify. Check with your game store to see if they are aware of this exciting program. If you would like to nominate a store, feel free to send an email to [email protected].

How do I send feedback about Pop-Up Gen Con?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at [email protected].