The Silmarillion - Battle of Unnumbered Tears

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Morgoth invades Beleriand; the 5th battle - 473 F.A.
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Inspired by the feats of Luthien and Beren, Maedhros decided to challenge the power of Morgoth with the help of Fingon and Turgon. All three of the Elvish hosts marched out onto the plains but were betrayed by the Swarthy Easterlings who had made a false alliance with them! Hithum and Himring were abandoned. Only Turgon survived the disaster by returning to Gondolin, the hidden kingdom. However, the doom of that great city was close at hand. Come and see if you can change “history” as Steve Fratt play tests his adapted War of the Ring expansion rules for the Battles of Beleriand.
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homebrew variant
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Teen (13+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own.
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5 hours
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Saturday at 11:00 PM
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Steve Fratt
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No, this is not a tournament.
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This event is run by a Gen Con Premier Event Group.