Throw Down Seven: A Polyhedral Dice Game

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Use 7 polyhedral dice representing various evil creatures. Virtually make them throw each other off a castle one at a time until none are left.
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Throw Down Seven is a polyhedral dice game for one or more players. It is a press your luck game where players start with a standard set of seven polyhedral dice (D-4 through D-20) and roll repeatedly, setting one aside after each roll in an attempt to achieve a low score. Play anywhere, anytime that you have a set of dice! Dice are eligible to be set aside, or thrown down, based on the values rolled and the maximum face value on that die. The game includes a fantasy story that correlates the different dice to different evil creatures such as ogres, trolls and necromancers as they work to throw each other off a castle tower.
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Teen (13+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own.
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1 hours
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Thursday at 12:00 PM
ICC : Hall A : Green : 25
Chip Patton
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No, this is not a tournament.
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