The Arsenal of Ares

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You have found the location of the lost Arsenal of Ares, where the god of war has hidden magic weapons of amazing power. Can your warband emerge with the weapons, or will your rival obtain them?
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Participate in the First Annual Wargods Gen Con campaign event. Bring your 1400 point warband and your level 3 Harbinger or Demigod, and play in two linked battles during one night of fun and excitement. Being an experienced general, you can deduce that items created by Ares will be available to obtain in the first round of the campaign. The second round of the campaign will build upon the first game. For the second game your warband will be allowed to add an additional 200 points to it, bringing your total up to 1600 points. Campaign scenario created by Amun with special assistance from Osiris and Horus. A Special Campaign miniature will be given out to all participants.
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Teen (13+)
Experience Required:
Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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No, materials are not provided for this game. You must bring your own.
Start Date & Time:
5 hours
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Saturday at 11:00 PM
ICC : Hall B : Red : 28--30
Peter Baxter
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No, this is not a tournament.
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