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Detention: Escape From the Cursed High School
Saturday, 7:00 PM EDT for 1 hr Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn D

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Short Description:
Classmates are sentenced to detention! But now you’re trapped in a haunted classroom by a tortured spirit. Do you solve the riddles to free the ghost, or find a way to destroy it? Multiple endings!
Long Description:
You and your classmates must report to Room 202 for detention. But the classroom has been cursed by an onryo, a vengeful spirit, who has trapped you in the room! You have only 45 minutes to solve puzzles and riddles using clues and hints to escape the room and achieve one of several possible endings. Will you find a way to break the curse, or will you be stuck in detention forever?
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Number of Players:
Minimum Age:
Everyone (6+)
Experience Required:
None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials Provided:
Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own.
Start Date & Time:
1 hour
End Date & Time:
Saturday, 8:00 PM EDT
Crowne Plaza : Victoria Stn D
David Welch
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No, this is not a tournament.
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