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Great Wyrms of Drakha: Primordial Shard
Saturday, 7:00 PM EDT for 4 hrs Marriott : Michigan : 3--4

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The world of Rhaava is filled with monsters, strange landscapes and great powers. Play in the debut of this incredible new fantasy RPG - with miniatures.
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For millenia, they have ruled over their broods. They lord over vast portions of the Red Moon so dreaded by most beings in Valerna. Theirs is the scourge. They are the rage. They are the power consummate and the might incarnated... These are the 7 Azhurmas of Drakha. Join Draco Studios as they present their all-new fantasy RPG setting. This is an Epic Encounter against Baastherox, which is a level-20 Encounter with an Epic Fighting system against a gargantuan dragon. Players will have pre-made characters, and experience a massive lair terrain (3D-printed) featuring the Baastherox miniature.
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Teen (13+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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Yes, materials are provided for this game. You do not need to bring your own.
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4 hours
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Saturday, 11:00 PM EDT
Marriott : Michigan : 3--4
Vincent Salzillo
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No, this is not a tournament.
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