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Roadie Warriors - Qualifier
Thursday, 1:00 PM EDT for 4 hr Stadium : Field : NASCRAG : HQ

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The fate of the kingdom and the Roadie Orphanage where you were raised rests on you finding the legendary members of the Beaholders in time to save the White Wedding. Round 1 of a 2 round tournament
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Join us for Nascrag’s 44th year of fun, puzzles, roleplaying and (so many) puns. This is the 1st round of a 2-round tournament. The finals (by advancement) will take place Saturday at 7 pm. The whole castle is talking about the impending wedding of Princess Athena and Prince Peter. This was especially good news for you, since they had designated the Roadie Orphanage as the beneficiary of the celebrity wedding. But now the whole ceremony is in disarray due to an ill-advised royal promise and a naïve prince. To save the White Wedding you’ll need to find the reclusive members of the Legendary band The Beaholders and convince them to reunite for one last show. Your team of orphans includes: Lady-In-Waiting Gaga, Takeshi Roboto, Feral Williams, Tiny Turner, Jacquelyn and Elfwood Indigo, and Megan Thee Pony.
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Teen (13+)
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Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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4 hr
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Thursday, 5:00 PM EDT
Stadium : Field : NASCRAG : HQ
Robert Jeffries, Brian Chase, David Mitchard, Doug Moore, Stewart Whitcomb, Chris Hicks, Mike Collins, Randal Cox, Buster Pishkur, Michael Watts, Tera Griffin, Alex MacKinnon, Jeremy Long, Michael Carter, Mike Winter, Eris Beamer, Chris Houk
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Yes, this is a tournament.
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