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Axis & Allies 1984 Classic 2nd Ed. Tournament Final
Saturday, 3:00 PM EDT for 4 hr ICC : Hall C : SmoreySwamp : HQ

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29 years running, this is a single elimination, 1- or 2-player/team tournament. Bid to determine sides by bidding down IPCs from 84 IPC Victory Condition. Turn 1 Russia restricted.
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This is an entry round of multi-day, single elimination team tournament. Each team (and each participant) may only participate in a single entry round. Do not purchase tickets to multiple entry rounds as you will not be allowed to play. Each team may have up to 3 players. If you are a solo player or a 2 player team, you may be grouped up with other players. Once a team has been formed, teammates at any time during the tournament. The 4 winners of the 1st round games will then play in the semi-final on Saturday and then those 2 winners play in the finals on Sunday morning starting at 7 am. The final can be no longer than 8 hours due to the closing of the convention! Lastly, since it is a tournament, there are specific victory conditions and time limits that are not part of the OTB rules and will be provided prior to the event at:
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Teen (13+)
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Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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4 hr
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Saturday, 7:00 PM EDT
ICC : Hall C : SmoreySwamp : HQ
Greg Smorey
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Yes, this is a tournament.
This event is only open to participants who have been invited
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