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Knights of the Dragon Annual High Summer Festival Richfest
Friday, 12:00 PM EDT for 4 hr Stadium : Club Lounge West : HQ

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After choosing one of several missions from their King, Knights will have opportunities to retrain feats and classes, commission equipment, and enter prestige classes. For all KotD PCs.
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This is the annual GenCon KotD special event. In addition to a diverse choice of directives presented to them by King Josef Calvarion I, our Knights will have opportunities to undertake advanced training, equipment procurement, and admission to some of the more esoteric professions. All players MUST have a pre-existing KotD character of ANY level that has played in a minimum of one module prior to this event.
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Teen (13+)
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Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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4 hr
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Friday, 4:00 PM EDT
Stadium : Club Lounge West : HQ
William Blazek, John Kavain, James Richards, Lori Klein-Blazek, Stephen Emmons, Monica Murphy, James Sanders, George Sanders, Mike Sanders, Bert Sanders, Craig Bochat
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No, this is not a tournament.
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