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Firstlight: Heresy
Thursday, 6:00 PM EDT for 6 hr JW : Grand Ballroom 3 : 13--14

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You are the judge and jury of the chosen people, who depend on your good judgment in times of crisis. Justice and community in a D&D frontier, inspired by Dogs in the Vineyard
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You are a torchbearer, chosen by sacred ritual to serve as judge and jury for your community. As settlers in a hostile world, your decisions will guide the fate of your people, for good or ill, and your decisions are final. We ask the players to play characters from the settler’s point of view, but with a critical eye toward the contradictions inherent in the occupation and settlement of a foreign land. A D&D fantasy interpretation of frontier community and justice, inspired by Dogs in the Vineyard. Focus on relationships, stories, and hard moral decisions, not mechanics. RP stressed.
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Mature (18+)
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Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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6 hr
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Friday, 12:00 AM EDT
JW : Grand Ballroom 3 : 13--14
David Simkins, Taylor Haring
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No, this is not a tournament.
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