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Gempire: Zarmund's Demands
Saturday, 8:00 PM EDT for 2 hr ICC : Hall D : Blue : 7

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2023 Ion Award winner for best strategy game! A very re-playable city/engine builder with different victory conditions each game, and cagey simultaneous actions using secret planning books.
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Build the capital of the Gempire by meeting 2 of King Zarmund's 3 zany demands, which are unique for each game! In Gempire, no one ever has to wait their turn! All players will simultaneously use secret planning tomes to plan their next deceptive move each round. Build up your city's population, gold, and culture, earning strategic gems along the way. Upgrade your city, renovate your palace, and discover unique technologies that give you a leg up on your undeveloped competitors. Most of all, let no one predict what you are writing, and be the one laughing maniacally when the books fly open! All players will also receive a prize for playing.
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Mature (18+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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2 hr
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Saturday, 10:00 PM EDT
ICC : Hall D : Blue : 7
Paul Elpers
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No, this is not a tournament.
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