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Tak Tournament Qualifier
Thursday, 2:00 PM EDT for 3 hr ICC : 140--141 : HQ

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A fast-paced Swiss style tournament for the 2-player abstract strategy game Tak. Finishing in the top 4 qualifies you for the Double Elimination Finals Saturday afternoon! Other prizes and swag, too!
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Described by Patrick Rothfuss and then given life in 2016 by James Ernest, Tak is a connection game with multiple win conditions that quickly goes from flat to 3D with stacking mechanics. Various board sizes allow game length and complexity adjustment for a night at the pub to PhD levels of study. This tournament uses the 6x6 board size which is a great compromise of time investment and game complexity.
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USTA 2019
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Everyone (6+)
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Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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3 hr
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Thursday, 5:00 PM EDT
ICC : 140--141 : HQ
Bill Leighton, Matt Cavanaugh
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Yes, this is a tournament.
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