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Jungles of Kuauthla
Saturday, 4:00 PM EDT for 3 hr ICC : 124 : HQ

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Kuauhtla is a place to behold, a place to meet with the ancients - humans & beasts. To uncover artifacts long forgotten, meet with the mountains. A place to rejoice, to battle, to live or to die for.
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You will join the Emerald Expedition, a cruel affair. Dozens of adventurers, high on life who felt like they could take the world all signed up. And who wouldn’t take a mission from the High Council themselves? In groups of five they went down into the jungles, the same place full of wilderness and mysteries. All you have is a vague direction of east, and a mysterious poem nearly two thousand years old filled with clues - each as cryptic as the last. Down the winding river of Uru’arama, as the ancients had called it, you shall churn along as the wheel of a steamboat fills with fish and vines. There is no ocean on the mountains, none of the people of this lands had ever seen one, so even the ingenuity of the gnomes could make a lasting vessel. Join the explorers who will open their way to once again embrace the nurturing life hidden in the wilderness of Jungles of Kuauthla
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Mature (18+)
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None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
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3 hr
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Saturday, 7:00 PM EDT
ICC : 124 : HQ
Miguel Angel Ballesteros
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No, this is not a tournament.
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