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Team Trios - Full Box Sealed - Standard Sealed Spectacular
Thursday, 2:00 PM EDT for 5 hr ICC : Hall B : Pastimes : HQ

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Can't decide on just one partner? Bring two! Open a box of Standard legal boosters and build 3 decks to take to battle! This Team Trios event is full of fun and Magic!
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Entries are per player. Register only when you have 2 teammates. Pastimes will not assist with finding teammates - Players are expected to bring their own team. Provided product is 6x: March of the Machine, 6x Phyrexia All is One, 6x Brothers War, 6x Dominaria United, 3x Streets of New Capenna, 3x Kamigawa: neon Dynasty, 3x Crimson Vow, 3x Midnight Hunt 36 Boosters. This tournament has 3, 50-minute rounds. Magic tournament format details at . 1,200 Prize Tixs per Win and 200 Prize Tixs per Loss. Prize Tixs and use details at
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Trios Sealed
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Everyone (6+)
Experience Required:
Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
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5 hr
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Thursday, 7:00 PM EDT
ICC : Hall B : Pastimes : HQ
John Temple, Alan Hochman, Meg Baum, Elizabeth Richardson, Alex Hurley
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Yes, this is a tournament.
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