Industry Insider Program Updates

Each year, the Gen Con team reviews its entire slate of programs, making updates and modifications as necessary to continue the tradition of “best-in-class” events. Following extensive review and dialog with the Industry Insider Advisory Panel, there are core changes that Gen Con will enact in 2018.

The Industry Insider Featured Presenter program and panel seminars of former years will conclude in its current form, and in its place are two exciting initiatives:

  • (Updated) The Industry Guests of Honor program, formally known as the Industry Insider Featured Presenter program, has invited Nolan T. Jones, Anita Sarkeesian and Jordan Weisman as our Guests of Honor for 2018. Each guest will host a moderated "uncommon conversation" about their work as well as participate in a moderated round table discussion. These events will be recorded for delayed-release during and after the convention on various streaming mediums and platforms.

    For more information about the events and our guests and moderators, visit the Industry Guest of Honor page.

  • We will launch a mini-series of events called “Gen Con Insights”. This will feature themed presentations for attendees that will be filmed and streamed to a global Gen Con audience. In 2018, Gen Con will offer two-to-four presentations as a pilot offering for future conventions. The goal of this transition is to narrow the focus and expand the reach of some of the industry’s brightest talents.

We are incredibly grateful for those that have participated as Industry Insiders in prior years, and it is our hope that these changes will help magnify some of the exciting discussions that manifest at Gen Con.