Omar Rayyan

Omar has created featured illustrations for many publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Hyperion/Disney, and has also illustrated several children’s picture books.

Other genres he has worked in include the gaming market, most notably for Magic: The Gathering, where he has done card art and concept work.

Omar is also the artist for the latest version of the “Once Upon a Time” card game published by Atlas Games.

In 2017 he self-published an illustrated art book that explores the 19th century narrative poem “Goblin Market” written by Christina Rossetti.

Currently Omar’s artistic attention has been leaning more towards creating paintings of whim and fantasy made to indulge his own personal tastes and humors, doing work for private art collectors and galleries.

He enjoys looking to the past for inspiration and guidance from the great oil painters of the Northern Renaissance and the Romantic and Symbolist painters of the 19th century.

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