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Posted by huuuze

I plan on bringing my 10-year-old son with me to Gen Con 2018.

It appears as though I can get him a child wristband. However, would that prohibit him from entering the exhibitor hall with me prior to it opening?

Posted by jrdnjrdnjrdn1

Hi huuuze, the hours before and after public Exhibit Hall hours are technically setup time and it's actually against the law for a child to be in the Exhibit Hall during setup. So while a child wristband will allow your 10-year-old to enter the Exhibit Hall while it's open, he won't be able to enter it with you during set up time.

Jordan Augustine
Gen Con Customer Service

Posted by aj_27

Huuuze... Just a thought... My 22 yr old daughter could help you out if you need a sitter. We arrive late on Tuesday to unload and set-up/ run events on Wednesday. She could entertain outside in the halls or at our gaming area in Union Station. Check Booth 2348, Universal Horizons. _AJ_ Hope it helps... I have been in that exact situation. 

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