High Programmer
Posted by galvatron42

Did the person that did the high programmer events page stop doing it? I wanted to view the event list from 2022 but there is nothing after 2021. I hope they continue this year. That was by far my favorite place to search for events. It was also nice to look back at the previous year to get ideas of what to look for this year.

Posted by donaldbain

I can see it.


Posted by galvatron42 donaldbain

Thank you. I have always used the highprogrammer site and was wondering if they were still active. This will do though. Thank you again!

Posted by tdb

Yeah, highprogrammer's site wasn't updated last year, and at some point his database got corrupted.  If you click on a prior year you'll see they all point to the 2021 catalog.

The eventdb site works great for the current year's events.  I do miss the historical searching capability from highprogrammer, but so it goes.

Posted by scottcarroll

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