The annual how many Gencons have you attended thread.
Posted by qwaserity

It's not the quantity: it's the quality of GenCons. For example:
2010: Worked the WOTC booth.
2012: Missed because I had a summer class that would fail me if I missed two classes.
2013: Brought nephew to GenCon.
2014: Brought nephew and niece to GenCon. Wow, kids are expensive!
2019: Demoed a game in the Playtest First Exposure Hall.
2020: Run 32 hours of online games.

There's been other years but these are the ones that stick out the most. I've lost count of GenCons and can't find all of the badges in my trade binder.

Posted by aceorton

Went for one day in 2014 with friends (vendor hall the entire time), then again for one day in 2016 with my daughter and realized that was not going to cut it going forward. Have done a full experience of 4+ days every year since, including online in 2020. It is my Christmas. 

Posted by mundane

81, 82, 88, 2011-19, 2022, and this year makes 14.

Posted by espalding

Started in 2013 with my son (a 7th grader at the time) for just a couple or days.  Missed 2021 because it was in Sept and my son was in college.  He's out of school now but we still go together.  So this year will be my (and his) 9th.

Posted by bandersnatch1110

I'm an Indy native so I've been going since the first year it came here!  Haven't missed one, though a couple were single days.  Most have been all four days, though.  Always look forward to that week!

Posted by lore seeker

Since 2011, I've been to every one except 2019 (went to EVO that year; it was on the same weekend as Gen Con) and 2020 (obvious reasons).

Posted by ratgarn rich

rich wrote:
Ok, this is my 39th year without a miss, including the online Covid year. Just curious.
Not bragging about # attended, but this is more to statethat in all these years my enthusiasm 
to go has rarely waned. Especially now that we're so close. :-)
Excellent! You got me beat! I missed four since 1981, so 38

Posted by matthias9

38 consecutive, if you include online 2020, which I do.

Posted by ja1214

Started with the 50th in 2017. I’ve attended everyone since (though 2020 - 2022 ones were online due to Covid impacts). So this year will make seven - just wish half of mine hadn’t been virtual!

Posted by gamerlaura

Just realized that this will be our 15th GenCon.  Our first year was 2005, then skipped 2006 because I was in law school, attended every year 2007-2019, and this is our first year back since the pandemic (although I did do Gen Con online once or twice).  

Posted by papabees

Every year but one since they have been in Indy. Whew! that's alot.

Posted by scotto

This will be my 4th trip, my first as a solo, and my first visit to Indy.

My others:

​​​​The year WoTC released the Unglued expansion for Magic.

The year D&D 3.0 premiered.

Posted by aldctjoc

Sort of a graduated thing here for me:

First Gen Con  was technically 2003 - yeah, the first year in Indy! - although I didn't really "attend" as much as I parked and went inside the ICC to see  what it was all about. :D 

Yeah, I didn't have a badge. I also didn't even think about trying to enter the Exhibit Hall or anywhere else. And honestly, the only reason I did that was because I had just picked up my newly purchased car in Fishers, IN., and happened to be driving by, so I thought "What the heck?". Just that quick walk around interested me; when talking to other gaming friends, interest grew. 

There was probably one or two more single day trips in-between that and 2010, but 2010 is when I started keeping track. It also marks the first "consistent" year where I haven't missed attending at least 1 day since (save for the COVID closure years... and even then, I was doing the Online stuff). 

2012 was my first 4-day badge purchase.

So from 2010, that's 13 straight years, but about 15 overall. 

Wow, time flies. I've sort of shocked myself to go back and realize all that. 

Posted by nevermore00

Been to each one as a local since 2006 (visited one day). Subtracting the canceled Gencon, I think 16 total.

Posted by mpagnotta310

This will be my fifth GenCon. I attended for all four days in 2018, and with the exception of 2020 (for obvious reasons), I’ve been there every year since.

Posted by rfsullivan

Round four for me; got on board in 2019, spent 2020 doing my patriotic duty (read: playing video games and stress eating), and got back to business for 2021.

Posted by aaronr

My first Gen Con was for my bachelor party in 2008. Since then I have only missed 2009 and 2011 because my kids were just born or about to be born those years. Including 2020 online I think that makes this my 14th Gen Con.

Posted by doombunny

My first was the 2nd to last year in Milwaukee. I've only missed two since then. 2012?( I think that was the one) and 2021. The last year of Milwaukee I also had to leave a little early sadly because it was the same time as Ozzfest, I worked at a music store at the time and was literally the only person besides the manager not going to it that Sunday and was apparently the last to ask off.

Posted by psimon

Man oh man... some serious attendees on this thread. I thought I'd stand out with 25 consecutive, but I do not. Cheers to all of us, to the newbies, and to GenCon  ;  )

Posted by mscaveney

This is my third, and the first time I've been since 2008 (or was it 2009?)

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