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Events 2023
Discussion about events at Gen Con 2023
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Gen Con Online 2023
Discussion related to the online convention
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E-Ticketing 2023
Discussion about E-Ticketed events at Gen Con 2023
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Travel, Housing and Dining 2023
Discussion about eating, sleeping, and getting to Gen Con 2023
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Looking for a room to share or need a roommate
A place to look for a room or roomate
Topics: 53 Posts: 204 Latest: JW Marriott Thu/Fri/Sat reservation available
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Last one here TURN OUT the LIghts!
Started by hahnarama
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Looking for one more volunteer! Paid badge + connected hotel provided
Started by callum.blizzard
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Lucas Oil gates
Started by ja1214
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Magic Card Trading
Started by nolesfan1975
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Merch hopes
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Nursing / breastfeeding
Started by tsantoro99
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OK which one of you stole $300,000 worth of....
Started by hahnarama
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Open Gaming 2023?
Started by bohde8781
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Pinball Alley
Started by qwaserity
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Place for aspiring game developers?
Started by madsman
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Restaurant with Gen Con atmosphere
Started by ja1214
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So Origins didn't have carpet in the exhibit hall this year
Started by ryric
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The annual how many Gencons have you attended thread.
Started by rich
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The Good, the Bad, and THE UGLY!
Started by hahnarama
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The North
Started by e4mafia
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There's a CVS vending machine in PNC building (aka Hyatt Regency) in case someone needs something quick
Started by aldctjoc
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Ticket Refund Deadline
Started by dpuck1998
Last post by mikeboozer 5
Tournament Wish List question
Started by nremy
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Trade Day
Started by chixon
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Vendor Recommendations - D&D rulebooks/modules?
Started by gdccommander
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Started by ubermx
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ViG 2023
Started by symphonyofdream
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What must have events are you excited about this year?
Started by nlgplayerone
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What time does the exhibit hall open and close each day?
Started by the_drifter19
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What's in, and what is, your bag 2023 edition
Started by hahnarama
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