So, is there an actual Waitlist?
Posted by urielblue

I might be missing something, but I don’t see a link, etc… Are we just supposed to endlessly log-in to our Housing Portal with fingers crossed that it no longer shows the Con dates as unavailable?

Hopefully Mike B or someone official can answer. 


Posted by austicke

There is no waitlist for that.

Many people find a handy resource.

Posted by amoebasinger

Is it asking too much for this to be handled more sensitively?
This process used to be much better, a few years ago, last time I was stuck in hotel-less hell.
Now, there's no notice.  No sense that Gencon is interested in this issue.
And you have to just keep logging in, apparently in vain.
Presumably when the hotel deadline comes due, the dam will break, but it would be helpful if there was some slight organization by the authorities of Gencon.


Posted by lindaodell

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Posted by kioslap

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Posted by dewchilis

There is a high probability that the dam would burst when the deadline for the hotel arrives; yet, it would be beneficial if the officials of Gencon could show even a little bit of order. geometry dash online

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