Does cancelling a badge immediately cancel a room reservation?
Posted by buffythecatslayer

Here's the situation.  I have two friends that were going to this year's Con, let's call them T & J.  J scored a great downtown room, while T got one near the airport.  Then, J had to change plans and is not going this year.  T would like to take over J's room.  There is a provision in the housing rules to allow J to designate T as the new primary guest, however, J needs to keep his badge to keep the room active.  When J got his badge, he got a 4 day, but it would be nice if he could somehow switch it to a Sunday only, and save T & his roommates some money (since they would pay J for keeping his badge).

Since there is no way to change your current badge, it seems like J would have to cancel his 4 day and then buy a new Sunday badge.  However, if J cancels his 4 day, will his room reservation immediately be cancelled, or will the system give him some time to get a new badge?

Posted by jaldarazy

I emailed GCHousing and this is what they said: “Please check with Gen Con customer service how to exchange badges. No, you won’t lose your room assignment by changing your badge. Your room assignment doesn’t automatically get cancelled. Those are separate transactions. When you return your 4-day badge, the online access to the housing portal gets disconnected. The room assignment stays. We would have to either reconnect your room assignment with your new badge or send you a link to access the housing portal. Both are fine”

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