For planning: - Indiana construction zones and traffic incidents map
Posted by aldctjoc

Hello all. If you're driving into Indianapolis - especially if you're coming in from out of state - there's a good resource provided by the Dept. of Transportation to both help you plan and to help en-route:

This map can show you construction zones, accidents. weather issues affecting roads, etc. It's even got traffic camera views available. You just have to check the box in the upper right menu for what you want to see. 

There's also Apple and Android apps available:

These should help anyone driving in from afar. And there's a bit less construction than in years past, thank goodness, so I think it'll be easier this year for people.

Posted by aldctjoc

If it helps: On the apps, especially the phone app since it'll be on a relatively small screen, disable as many of the layers as you can, especially the traffic cameras. Otherwise, the map view will be overwhelmed with just camera and other icons along a route, and it'll be hard to see the construction and accident/incident icons. 

You can always check the camera box when you want to see a spot along a route, then uncheck it again to see other icons on the map. Yeah, the map can get crowded with too many layers checked. 

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