Need ride from west side Indy
Posted by thaaohanshew

Hey friends I'm thinking of going to gen con this year but I'll need a ride (can't drive myself). I live on the west side of Indy (near Country Club and Rockville, by a store called Games 2 Die 4) so it's not THAT far from downtown (less than 30 min drive). I just want to go one day and will choose which day and what time to go based on your schedule (unless you're also on the westside and want to go every day together I might consider that??); just looking to get into some of the Pokemon TCG events (which occur all day) and see the show, maybe make some new friends. It'll be my first time going despite having lived here all my life.

ETA: Found a ride, thanks!

Posted by hahnarama


Boom! #micdrop

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