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Posted by raptorov

With the food truck area near Lucas Oil, it seemed kind of dead around the restaurant area. Ususally its bustling up and down the streets. Granted most of my time I was coming and going through Lucas Oil,, parked at Gate Ten and drove off to my hotel from there, so I was downtown only Wednesday, Saturday for dinner with my group and Sunday. But walking past Sunday, there was few people. Goodwood didn't look open. I tried to walk to Whistle Stop, but I think they were closed. There didn't seem to be anyone gathering outside place along Georgia Street.
So for folks on Friday and Saturday, what was the restaurant scene like? Was it lively or busy?

Posted by klaron

We went to the Yardhouse on Friday and it was over an hour wait.  Overall it seemed to settle down after 7 pm.
Sunday at Goodwood Brewing and it was wide open.  I was quite surprised there weren't more people coming in after the Con closed at 4 pm.
Wednesday at the Greek Islands was great.  We made reservations so seating wasn't a problem.  They were busy, but not overloaded which is good since it is a small place.

Posted by mvotruba

Our group finished Sunday over at Goodwood.  Food/drinks were good.  Service was OK.  I was surprised that it wasn't so busy after the hall closed.

We went there on a pervious day (Friday, I think) and the service was GREAT.  I was worried since I read posts here that service/food was going downhill, so I set my expectations low.

Other days we went to PF Change's and Yardhouse and both were good and busy.

We didn't get to the food trucks, but from what I heard, the area was busy.  I didn't get to try the beer until my group to to the airport on Monday.  I was surprised to find it on tap there...and with no line.  I thought it was fine, but not to where I'd want to bring cans home (not that you could buy them at at the airport).

Posted by jigreene

We intentionally plan our schedule to eat at off times to avoid waiting for tables.  Thursday afternoon at Harry and Izzys, several tables were occupied but no wait.  Friday night after 9, there was a 15 minute wait but we were able to sit immediately at the bar.  The lines at the food trucks were pretty short around 4:30 on Saturday.  

I agree that Sunday seemed pretty slow.  All the restaurants we walked by had several customers but none appeared to have wait lists.

Posted by helenbb

We went to Harry & Izzy's after the con ended on Sunday and it was PACKED. I was glad that we had made a reservation.

Posted by quarex

Finally made it to the Block Party area on Saturday night and found it had already closed, but I did hit Whistle Stop Inn and can say they are welcoming and affordable though also clearly were hit a little harder than expected since they ran out of fried cheese before I got my order, haha. 

Posted by [email protected]

Good food/drink. Service was good. It was surprising how quiet it was when the hall closed.snow rider 3d

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