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Willing to pay for floor space in any room to sleep!
Started by ryanjohnson221
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Looking for a room - Hampton Inn Indianapolis Downtown Across from Circle Centre
Started by mhalzorn
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looking for a downtown room
Started by howlinghawk
Last post by howlinghawk 1
Looking for a room - Downtown Westin, Marriott or Meridien
Started by eugene
Last post by eugene 1
Looking for any hotel within 6 blocks of ICC
Started by jhreeder03
Last post by jhreeder03 1
Anyone looking for a roommate?
Started by subzerojalapeno
Last post by subzerojalapeno 1
Gen Con GM looking for Downtown room
Started by lore seeker
Last post by lore seeker 1
Looking for room within 6 blocks of Convention
Started by walkerdrakon
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Looking for Rooms Downtown walking distance
Started by mfield
Last post by francesfore 2
Newly weds Looking for Downtown room
Started by tclonch
Last post by lelandelliott 6
Searching for Downtown double room
Started by animesuperj
Last post by animesuperj 18