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Posted by myurisich

Me and my friends have difficulty finding events as a group of five. It would be so convenient if we could sort on events by remaining spots instead of having to select every single event, one at a time.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

It’s a good suggestion, people have been asking for it for a while, either filtering by seats remaining, or showing them in the event listings.

For now, this site might be helpful.  The data can be up to 6 hours out-of-date.


Posted by myurisich


Posted by selene314 lets you search by number of tickets remaining. doesn't seem to have that as a search option, but does show how many tickets are available for each event when you search e.g. by time.
And if you download the catalog as an excel file, you can make whatever filters you like.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Here are a few filter options they should add for next year:

1) By price range.  This would be mostly to find Free events, but could be useful for people on a budget as well.

2) By tickets remaining 

3) By general location (ICC, LOS, JW, etc.).  This is useful if you have a few minutes to find something, and don’t want to leave the area you’re in, or would not have time to get to another location.

ETA 4 - 7:

4) By when the event was added (last 24 hours, last 48 hours, etc.)

5) By Paper/Electronic ticketing.

6) By duration (2 hrs, 4 hrs)

7) Not a filtering option, but allow us to add multiple filters at the same time.  Right now, you add the filter, and click "OK".  If you want to add another filter, you have to re-open the filter window.  Add a back arrow, or "Add another" button so we can do all the filters at the same time.

So, Mike, #4 was somewhere around 18,000 on the to-do list.  These others will probably wind up around 30,000, hmm?

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