Wishlist Submission and Headaches
Posted by bryan_dunaway

Every year I have gone to GenCon, I get the expectation that your group will fix the issues surrounding wish list submission and site performance.  Once again this year I was extremely disappointed at how the site completely shit the bed at noon and off and on for the next few hours.  I was extremely pleased at the events I was able to get into, only to grow more and more frustrated over the next two hours as I was able to view my processed wishlist, get excited at the events I was able to book, then to slowly watch as the clock ticked down and finally hit the two hour mark and all my events released as the site continued to time out whenever I would try to pay for my events.  

Well done again, guys and gals.  Way to basically set yourself up to get doxxed and put a sour taste in some people's mouths before the con even starts.

Posted by dsalmeron

As a user, I share some of your frustration.   I didn't have any issues with getting my stuff paid for in two hours.   Is there someone or somewhere peopel can contact to get the hours they have their stuff reserved for increased to beyond two hours in case of these issues?

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