Can you reserve a private space for recording?
Posted by yochaigal

Hello. I cohost an OSR podcast, and my cohosts and I are planning to record a special GenCon episode. We were thinking of just doing it in one of our hotel rooms but they are outside the city. So I was wondering: is it possible to reserve a private room somewhere in or near the convention for just this sort of thing? We'd just need it to be relatively quiet in the room.


Posted by mikeboozer

Your best bet is to contact [email protected] but I don't think there is a space put aside for this.

Posted by yochaigal

Thank you!

Posted by quarex

We are doing something similar but we listed it as a public event with audience participation, which might or might not work for you in the future (or us, quite frankly, we will find out soon!) 

Posted by john0008

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