“No Tickets Needed” Events
Posted by notavailableeither

I was interested in an event that says there are 8 tickets available but when I clicked “Get Tickets” it returns “This event does not require tickets”

Does this mean everyone who shows up can participate?  What if more than 8 come?

Additional information that may impact responses:  This is a demo in the CGE room. 

Thanks for any guidance!

Posted by colbrook

It means the event runs regularly, often with multiple tables, and is first come first served. If they're full they'll often put your name down for first dibs on the next session. 

Posted by notavailableeither

Thanks for the info!  I’ll try to find time to speak with CGE to find out if there’s a manual list

Posted by derekguder

There will not be any external list - if tickets are not needed for an event, you need to show up and wait for an open spot, basically. This is typically for things that don't really need registration (like when Cardhalla or the the balloon scultpture is destroyed) or very quick demos where it's not really worth collecting tickets for a very brief taste of a game.

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

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