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Discussion about events at Gen Con 2016
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Event locations
Started by kveldbjorn
Last post by kveldbjorn 3
Novus Ordo Seclorum blowout!
Started by mrshiny
Last post by firvulag 3
Eclipse Phase and other sold out events: questions/suggestions
Started by erithtotl
Last post by braewe 3
Dicemaster Events
Started by kidlidar
Last post by donaldbain 3
Return/exchanging event tickets
Started by saintandsinner
Last post by parody 3
Dominion Tournament?
Started by divachelle
Last post by divachelle 3
Literary Guests?
Started by otomo
Last post by otomo 3
Catan Tournament - info for a newby
Started by jamstew62
Last post by jamstew62 3
Mahjong anyone?
Started by orion.89
Last post by orion.89 3
Buying Generic Tickets
Started by ayoung98683
Last post by derekguder 3
Labyrinth Game
Started by aaronmlopez
Last post by aaronmlopez 3
Event Submission Status?
Started by scottmc10
Last post by scottmc10 3
Heroes of the Storm Tournament Fri 1pm LFG
Started by powers209
Last post by crystalphoenix9 3
Legendary: Marvel $10k Tournament Gone?
Started by malfakter
Last post by malfakter 3
Any interest in a Reiki share SPA event?
Started by jessant
Last post by marimaccadmin 3
Started by tgas
Last post by bushmaster 3
Could we please get a link to the older event selector
Started by norman.cates
Last post by norman.cates 4
Great job guys
Started by noone
Last post by chaos 4
event location map
Started by rickd35y
Last post by donaldbain 4
New event alerts?
Started by eugene
Last post by draconastar 4
Alternia - Tabletop Hybrid RPG - Looking for Thursday and Sunday Players
Started by nathagaraba
Last post by derekguder 4
Magic the Gathering events
Started by xanathon
Last post by iveyvine 4
Large events for Magic the Gathering?
Started by billyerwin
Last post by derekguder 4
True Dungeon Time Swaps
Started by quarnian
Last post by jennska 4
Good events for newcomers?
Started by jishosan
Last post by rbree 4
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