Crown Plaza-Experiences?
Posted by thesmallonerae

We got a king room at the Crown Plaza this year.  Planning on at least one air mattress in the room....maybe much space do they usually have?

Posted by dmhops

My wife and I stayed there in 2009.  There's enough room for one airmatress.  The hotel was nice. The walk wasn't bad at all.  It's close to Lucus Oil, so if your playing a lot of True Dungeon you won't be far.

Posted by hawkeye

The only issue we had was that the people in the room next to us were up late, and we could hear everything going on. Our room's window looked out over the center court, and we could hear the group in the lobby from the 3rd floor.

Posted by ryric

I enjoyed staying there, but my brother's wife was bothered by the train noises.

Posted by ticktack

It was terrible, you should give up the room to me, I'll bite the bullet for ya.

Seriously though the Crowne is probably my favorite nowadays.  I love the location and the skywalk.  We had a king room and it was pretty big, they even supplied us with a roll away bed (just asked when checking in) so we didn't have to use an air mattress. Not sure if you could cram a third bed (or if that would even be allowed) though.

I've heard people complain about train noises, but never been in a location to hear them myself.   I did feel a little rumbling once or twice but it wasn't that bad. 

Posted by mrshiny

The Crowne is great.  You might get woken up by a train pulling in to the station, but it is very cool.  The train car rooms are neat, but very small (probably all gone). Take a moment to check them out.  Very convenient to the con and many larps are in the attached Union Station. 

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