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Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed
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Looking For: Thursday Morning Carpool from Waterfront Clarion Hotel
Started by locusta
Last post by locusta 1
KOA Carpool
Started by avoll
Last post by kcmitch 2
Hotel Broad Ripple - Room Available 2nite and Saturday night
Started by blatboy
Last post by blatboy 1
Vegan Meetup.
Started by daringdragoon
Last post by daringdragoon 37
Heading south afterward, looking for a buddy.
Started by mosthiprapman98
Last post by mosthiprapman98 10
expensive but worth it - oceanaire
Started by vel
Last post by shibas 3
Restaurant Theming / Events
Started by gcbrowni
Last post by nikki 4
Staybridge Suites Downtown - Issues
Started by zman13
Last post by zman13 1
Columbia Club experience
Started by daveculp
Last post by daveculp 3
Crowne Plaza Airport - Overcharging
Started by sowhereaminow
Last post by nascragman 7
The Westin experience.
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by chickd19 8
The Ram
Started by lmengsol
Last post by dsalmeron 28
Did Anyone Park at Chase Tower while at GenCon?
Started by schra1cm
Last post by schra1cm 1
News story - "Indy studying convention center expansion, new hotel space"
Started by aldctjoc
Last post by aldctjoc 9
Started by loki_tbc
Last post by technoir 16
Best Gencon hotel that is NOT downtown?
Started by opey2dope
Last post by arcus 3
My costs and experience using Uber and staying at an Airport Hotel
Started by syntaxed
Last post by genconkeeper 13
Event Parking
Started by david campbell
Last post by monkeyknifefight 54
Starwood Hotels Merges With Marriott Hotels
Started by stevespikes
Last post by stevespikes 2
Housing for 2017 - 50th Anniversary
Started by glory
Last post by glory 154
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