Which the high of a platform bed frame should I choose

A platform bed is an alternative bed frame with a supportive surface in the form of a solid, raised platforms. They are, in most cases, sold separately with footboards and headboards – which makes it quite straightforward to customize the bed following your requirements. You can buy the sets separately, and assemble the bed with or without them bases on your needs.When it comes to buying a platform bed, it is highly likely to think about the color, style, and whether or not you can fit in it. However, it is imperative to put the height of the bed into consideration because getting the right height will make a big difference in the decor of the room – not to mention the potential health benefits. The continuous pressure of climbing and leaving the bed could be strenuous if the bed is too low or too high. Platform beds are a more economical option and are typically around eighteen inches off the ground (including the mattress). They have a modern feel, thus intensifies their popularity. Read more: Best Queen Platform Bed with Drawers - Platform Bed with Storage and Headboard Review

There are various factors that one should consider when choosing a platform bed:

  1. Comfort.

Possibly the most essential justification behind the significance of bed height is that it affects your happiness and well-being daily. The ease of getting in and out of bed is dependent on the bed height. You do not want to strain your legs and lift yourself out of a shallow bed., and neither do you wish to have a mammoth of obstacles as you to go bed every other night. The average height of a platform bed is eighteen inches and gives the average person the ability to sit comfortably as their feet touch the ground. However, this could differ with each individual depending on their average height.

  1. Age.

The age of an individual is likely to impact how high of a bed he or she should have since your age affects your mobility. Aged people have retrograding cartilage, and they often start to experience aches. Therefore, a bed that is too high or too low can accelerate their pain. In circumstances where children are involved, the bed height and ease of getting in and out are less of a priority, as most children are likely to be more interested in a bunk bed.

  1. Height.

The height of the bed should be directly proportional to your height. The average height of a platform bed is usually eighteen inches, and it works for most people. The best way to test if your bed is the right height for you is to sit on the edge and ensure that your knees, hips are aligned and that your feet are flat against the floor. If an individual's knees are above the hips, the bed is considered too low for him or her, and if their feet cannot reach the floor comfortably, the bed is too high for them. However, if you have a slightly taller spouse, you can add a handy step that perfectly blends with your bedroom décor.

  1. Mattress depth.

Mattresses have a wide range of designs, materials, and sizes. While some could adopt a simple-layer design, several others could have up to eight layers. Mattress toppers and pillows can also add more height, so one should keep that in mind too. The mattress you choose for a platform bed should comply. If you are after an extra thick mattress, opt for a shorter queen platform bed frame. 

Platform beds are lower to the ground because they have slats, which means they do not require a box spring. Sometimes, the mattress sits level to the edge of a bed, and sometimes it is more sunken into the frame. Although the standard height of platform beds is eighteen inches, there can be a variety of heights, including more Japanese-style beds practically on the ground. Very tall people should consider the tallest platform beds to ensure that they are comfortable. If the ceilings of your home could relatively be low, platform beds could be the best choice.The height of the platform bed is also dependent on the type of platform bed that you choose. The following are types of platform beds and how they impact on the height of the bed;

  • Sleigh beds- Their main feature is the elegant curving lines and a distinctly romantic feel. If you consider the bed to be the dominant focal point in your bedroom, choose a taller headboard or footboard.
  • Four-poster beds- These type of platform beds creates a sense of drama in the room even though a platform bed is lower to the floor than other types of bed. The bed features four posts at each corner, and they can be of equal or varying heights.
  • Captain's or mate's bed- This is a popular choice for a child's or teen's room as they are slightly higher above the ground than the usual platform beds.
  • Canopy beds- These are like four-poster beds but with a covering. A canopy frame is added to most four-poster beds, where the bedposts are of equal height. Even though a platform bed is lower to the ground, when purchasing a canopy or four posters bed, make sure the posts are not too high to the ceiling or that the canopy will not block any overhead lighting.

Platform beds having an elevation functionality enable you to position yourself in a way that you can watch your favorite TV shows or put a novel away for the night. 
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The average height for a platform bed (including the mattress) is eighteen inches in total. However, this does not necessarily mean that everyone purchasing a platform bed should consider that specific height. There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding on the height of the platform bed, which an individual should choose.Selecting a platform bed based on your height includes a whole range of factors and a mammoth of considerations to make. You should take these considerations to account before choosing one.