Posted by holyoutlaw

Whatever became of the old Dragonhoard web game that was on here.....    I recall playing it years ago, like around 2010, even have screenshots of it still...   Just curious if anyone knew.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by quarex

Wow, excited to know more as I have no idea what you are talking about! 

Posted by mikeboozer

That is actually a game that I and a friend designed and had built. It is no longer supported here.

No plans for it to be anywhere soon. It was a fun game to play.

Tile click game where you (4 adventurers) uncover treasure and try to get out of the dragons lair before the dragon burns you to a crisp!


Posted by holyoutlaw

My wife loved that game, you should release it as a stand alone game. She was the one who stumbled upon the old screen shots of her record trove hauls. 

Hope you can release it in some form or other....  Was good times.


Posted by enriquemanson

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