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For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Downtown room Wed-Sun
Started by rawatson
Last post by rawatson 1
looking to join a room near the convention center.  preferably a hotel with free breakfast.
Started by persiandragoon
Last post by persiandragoon 1
Want Indianapolis Marriott Downtown (IMD) room or to swap our 1 IMD room for 2 rooms downtown
Started by dameonk
Last post by dameonk 1
Just like most, looking for downtown room
Started by gavinmac
Last post by gavinmac 1
Downtown room looking to transfer
Started by hippoboy
Last post by hippoboy 1
Started by miguelrob
Last post by miguelrob 1
Seeking room for 1, GenCon Newbie
Started by nfirehazzard
Last post by nfirehazzard 1
Need to transfer Double-Double Room at Conrad
Started by roo2d2
Last post by roo2d2 1
Searching downtown room #Rules of Aquisition
Started by densepiphany
Last post by densepiphany 1
Looking for a room downtown
Started by osoart
Last post by osoart 1
Want: JW Marriott Th-Su in Block
Started by kate
Last post by kate 1
Group looking for Downtown Room
Started by arkangeloflife
Last post by arkangeloflife 1
Fountain View Inn- 1.5 miles from ICC
Started by daringdragoon
Last post by daringdragoon 1
Looking for downtown
Started by jake21kai
Last post by jake21kai 1
Getting rid of a double/double at the Conrad
Started by linkn
Last post by linkn 1
Got a room downtown and want someone to share the cost? Hit me up.
Started by cetiken
Last post by cetiken 1
Downtown Hotel Needed
Started by bretsan7
Last post by bretsan7 1
roommates needed for North Campus
Started by svzoo
Last post by svzoo 1
Looking for a downtown room
Started by hotmachete
Last post by hotmachete 1
Need Downtown Room (In anticipation of poor lottery)
Started by free minty
Last post by free minty 1
Need a room, a bed, or a place on the floor.
Started by maniacalraven
Last post by maniacalraven 1
Room Available at Clarion Hotel Waterfront Parkway
Started by cav1967
Last post by cav1967 1
Queen Studio Suite avalble for transfer
Started by cetiken
Last post by cetiken 1
[CHICAGO] Looking for carpool
Started by zandor
Last post by zandor 1
Seeking downtown room, Marriott properties preferred
Started by jadony
Last post by jadony 1
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