Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Looking for room at Sheraton City Centre
Started by raphael76
Last post by raphael76 9
Seeking an in-block room within 4 blocks of convention center
Started by sfrazer
Last post by sfrazer 1
In block tradeing
Started by brewski
Last post by brewski 6
downtown room
Started by firefighter2006
Last post by firefighter2006 10
Looking for two open spots in a Downtown room.
Started by mercutio531
Last post by mercutio531 1
Double/Double Sheraton room to trade
Started by polderan
Last post by fate1316 3
Mother of three looking for downtown hotel room
Started by honeywine23
Last post by honeywine23 6
Available Right Now INDIANAPOLIS MARRIOTT Downtown
Started by mamabarry
Last post by schra1cm 2
Rooms available at The Alexander Hotel - 5 blocks away
Started by toddygee
Last post by jedibcg 18
AerodromAcee Games looking for Downtown Rooms
Started by otthawk1
Last post by otthawk1 1
Available to trade: 1 JW king (3 nights), 1 Hilton Garden Inn dwtn king (4nights)
Started by mhoram
Last post by mhoram 1
JW Marriott Room in Housing
Started by bushmaster
Last post by jedibcg 7
Transferring a Room
Started by cass.christopher
Last post by glory 5
1 Marriott Indianapolis Downtown room to transfer
Started by pyranoir
Last post by pyranoir 4
Sheraton City Center -- First one gets it
Started by ckell
Last post by brotherbock 7
Looking for Downtown for Medical Reasons
Started by onelittlemoment
Last post by onelittlemoment 6
Want: JW Marriott Th-Su in Block
Started by kate
Last post by kate 1
looking for open spot downtown.
Started by runescience
Last post by runescience 1
Have Sheraton circle center dlx double to trade for something closer.
Started by britbrit
Last post by britbrit 6
Just released a Queen/Queen at The Alexander back to the housing block
Started by toddygee
Last post by brotherbock 2
Sheraton Dbl Dbl Aug 2-Aug 8
Started by gswest
Last post by gswest 3
Standard king Hyatt to trade for connected room with double beds.
Started by britbrit
Last post by britbrit 2
Looking for Downtown room(In block or out)
Started by wiedemnm
Last post by wiedemnm 1
Want: two-queen in-block downtown room. Have: in-block King at Hilton Garden downtown (on the Circle)
Started by brotherbock
Last post by brotherbock 4
Trading deluxe double/double (Sheraton City Centre) for smaller
Started by azkiel
Last post by aehrlon 13
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