Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Will take any downtown room!
Started by thedeadwillwalk
Last post by thedeadwillwalk 1
Want: Anything at Downtown Embassy Suites
Started by drumline3469
Last post by drumline3469 1
Looking for JW room
Started by kevmcw
Last post by kevmcw 1
Share my room in the Omni!
Started by rzldzl122
Last post by rzldzl122 1
2 Guys hoping to roommate with someone in connected hotel.
Started by bowersgamecorner
Last post by bowersgamecorner 1
Yielded room at Residence Inn, Airport
Started by cinnibar
Last post by cinnibar 1
Room at Embassy Suites -North
Started by bluewizard
Last post by bluewizard 1
Need a connected room, JW Marriott please 2 Queens
Started by shaleira
Last post by shaleira 1
(2) rooms downtown looking to swap for 1 Embassy Suite room downtown
Started by yulron
Last post by yulron 1
Wanted: King Embassy Suites Downtown in block
Started by steffles
Last post by steffles 1
One person looking for room/roommate downtown (floor will work)
Started by miamiandy
Last post by miamiandy 1
Interested in lowering the cost of your downtown room by adding paying roomie?
Started by eric_hert
Last post by eric_hert 1
Need two hotel spots in downtown room
Started by mercutio531
Last post by mercutio531 1
King/Couch at CANDLEWOOD SUITES for Transfer - Downtown Campus
Started by argentine650
Last post by argentine650 1
Looking for downtown two bed, have airport double queen
Started by danvk
Last post by danvk 1
Looking for anything within 4 blocks or so, thanks...
Started by urielblue
Last post by urielblue 1
Downtown Room Needed
Started by lkhadlock
Last post by lkhadlock 1
Wanted: Downtown. No Trade. Save your $50.
Started by ausomtiger
Last post by ausomtiger 1
Looking for a room downtown
Started by thalaric
Last post by thalaric 1
Looking to share downtown
Started by sduncan
Last post by sduncan 1
Looking for a King downtown.
Started by quikman
Last post by quikman 1
Room for Transfer at Wyndham West
Started by bmagallones
Last post by bmagallones 1
Looking for someone to take over room at HILTON GARDEN INN INDIANAPOLIS- CARMEL
Started by talkenpb
Last post by talkenpb 1
Looking for a downtown reservation
Started by amaranth
Last post by amaranth 1
Another hopeful request for a downtown room...
Started by urielblue
Last post by urielblue 1
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