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For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Seeking 2 spots in a downtown hotel
Started by narcissica
Last post by katyspray 4
Started by kelloggl
Last post by bobvilla 2
Have king-size Marriott Downtown: want double beds downtown in Block
Started by romero021
Last post by gswest 3
To Dream the Impossible Dream...
Started by dansomeone
Last post by dansomeone 2
Want: Connected Fairfield, Springhill, Courtyard, 2 beds, Wed-Sun. Have: 2 non-connected downtown rooms.
Started by maefly2
Last post by aehrlon 5
Hilton Garden Downtown King for Trade
Started by keppy
Last post by aehrlon 5
Have double at Alexander. Looking for other downtown double.
Started by atlronmexico
Last post by atlronmexico 1
Double/Double Hotel Room Wed-Sun At Wyndham
Started by brucebruhnke
Last post by brucebruhnke 1
Connected Double for 4 Wanted
Started by tinkertanner
Last post by tinkertanner 1
Want: King downtown connected room Have: Dlx Dbl/Dbl at Sheraton
Started by bigdm
Last post by bigdm 6
Want: Anything at Downtown Embassy Suites
Started by drumline3469
Last post by drumline3469 1
Have King Marriott Downtown: Want to transfer to avoid cancellation fee
Started by romero021
Last post by romero021 6
Seeking 3-4 Nights in Downtown; Trade or Take-over. Have 4 night Res...
Started by aehrlon
Last post by aehrlon 3
How to give a block reservation to another?
Started by ckell
Last post by aehrlon 4
4 Blocks away, Dbl/Dbl @ Sheraton available now...
Started by aehrlon
Last post by aehrlon 1
1 JW and 1 Marriott Room Attached to Con
Started by thunderw
Last post by sh4d0w0fw4r 16
Trading Sheraton City Centre DBL/DBL for attached king
Started by gswest
Last post by gswest 1
Looking to swap Down Town X2 Bed, I have X1 King Bed
Started by jesseh973
Last post by scottish 2
Have: Dbl at Omni - Want: Larger, connected or close
Started by maximstrife
Last post by britbrit 3
Need a downtown bed.
Started by brianvanle
Last post by brianvanle 1
Wanted: Any Downtown Room Within 5 Blocks
Started by armoredblood
Last post by aehrlon 2
Downtown Room Wanted by 34 Year Attendee
Started by krocause
Last post by krocause 18
Heads up!
Started by shanew
Last post by marimaccadmin 15
Looking for anything within 4 blocks or so, thanks...
Started by urielblue
Last post by urielblue 1
Downtown Housing Requested
Started by 3jeff
Last post by 3jeff 1
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