Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Hotel reservation available
Started by ad0ntis
Last post by ad0ntis 6
How to give a block reservation to another?
Started by ckell
Last post by aehrlon 4
I have a room at the Westin I can transfer
Started by alaskan31
Last post by david campbell 8
I've got 1 Double/Double at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
Started by hdonnell
Last post by jlunman 2
In block tradeing
Started by brewski
Last post by brewski 6
In-block DOWNTOWN room up for grabs!
Started by tburke0
Last post by tburke0 4
In-Block Room *Trading* Clearinghouse
Started by brotherbock
Last post by brotherbock 1
In-block Sheraton Double/Double available for giveaway. 4 blocks from Convention Center
Started by sfrazer
Last post by sfrazer 7
Interested in lowering the cost of your downtown room by adding paying roomie?
Started by eric_hert
Last post by eric_hert 1
Is your room to small? I need a room...
Started by games_she_likes
Last post by games_she_likes 5
ISO: double / double room downtown
Started by dlwest72
Last post by dlwest72 8
ISO: Double/ Double at StayBridge Downtown
Started by missbit (kattsunade)
Last post by dlwest72 17
Just like most, looking for downtown room
Started by gavinmac
Last post by gavinmac 1
Just released a Queen/Queen at The Alexander back to the housing block
Started by toddygee
Last post by brotherbock 2
JW King/Double Queen $450/night to transfer - will be cancelling today
Started by thunderw
Last post by thunderw 1
JW Marriot- Up for grabs
Started by bretsan
Last post by inazuma99 6
JW Marriott Room in Housing
Started by bushmaster
Last post by jedibcg 7
King at JW as of 4:30pm EST 7/8/16
Started by fyrestryke
Last post by fyrestryke 6
King available at the JW Marriott Indianapolis 4th-7th
Started by aambrose
Last post by mczulu72 8
King size bed room at the Alexander, three/four blocks from the convention
Started by jasonferrall
Last post by indydarkknight 6
King suite in downtown available
Started by teh_bunneh
Last post by keyes_bill 6
King/Couch at CANDLEWOOD SUITES for Transfer - Downtown Campus
Started by argentine650
Last post by argentine650 1
Started by zblackcat
Last post by zblackcat 7
LF 1-2 Roommates / La Quinta Inn Downtown
Started by hybridactor
Last post by hybridactor 11
LF 2-3 Roommates @HOME2 Suites Downtown
Started by usrbin
Last post by usrbin 4
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