Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Looking for downtown
Started by jake21kai
Last post by jake21kai 1
Getting rid of a double/double at the Conrad
Started by linkn
Last post by linkn 1
Got a room downtown and want someone to share the cost? Hit me up.
Started by cetiken
Last post by cetiken 1
Downtown Hotel Needed
Started by bretsan7
Last post by bretsan7 1
roommates needed for North Campus
Started by svzoo
Last post by svzoo 1
Looking for Courtyard Indy Downtown Room for trade or pick up
Started by thunderw
Last post by britbrit 2
Seeking room at hotel connected to ICC
Started by asmiff
Last post by asmiff 2
Need downtown room
Started by rayken
Last post by rayken 2
Looking to transfer Double/Double at Embassy Suites North, check-in Weds, check-out Sun, $162/night
Started by colinmccomb
Last post by colinmccomb 2
Room for takeover Embassy Suites Indianapolis - North
Started by tanstaafl
Last post by tanstaafl 2
Got an extra room or two? I'm interested in taking it off your hands.
Started by klaron
Last post by utgrad97 2
Want: 1 downtown room (King)
Started by nicklaw17
Last post by nicklaw17 2
Downtown room for 3 or 4 needed!
Started by jamie toon
Last post by valkyre 2
TRADE: If you want to get closer (2xDouble) 7 miles away
Started by mixmaster
Last post by mixmaster 2
Downtown room needed.
Started by mferrel5
Last post by katyadams 2
Looking for downtown room
Started by chunga2771
Last post by chunga2771 2
Want double/double trade at JW, have King JW
Started by brewski
Last post by brewski 2
Have skywalk King room at Le Meridien reserved, Tues-Sun, available
Started by amithyst67
Last post by [email protected] 2
Maggi needs a downtown room!
Started by maggibot
Last post by maggibot 2
Wanted: Downtown room, unfortunately I do not have a trade
Started by mixmaster
Last post by mixmaster 2
Room for Friday and Saturday Night Only
Started by sonchezz
Last post by gruntofkis 2
Conrad Indianapolis 2 dbl for Embassy Suites Indianapolis Downtown
Started by otthawk1
Last post by otthawk1 2
First time attendee, board game designer looking to to share a room
Started by timeisner1
Last post by erik_liera 2
Originally posted a week ago..... Looking for Embassy Suites - Double/Double
Started by fizler
Last post by fizler 2
Looking for room for 4 starting on wednesday... through Sunday or monday
Started by jokerman000
Last post by rayken 2
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