Roommates and Housing trades/giveaways/needed ( Locked)
For those seeking roommates, rooms, or dropping rooms
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Started by marimaccadmin
Last post by wolfknightpax 38
Looking for up to 2 downtown rooms.
Started by larryanthony
Last post by larryanthony 1
Need Downtown Room (In anticipation of poor lottery)
Started by free minty
Last post by free minty 1
Looking for 1 downtown room (pref 2 beds but will take anything)
Started by shaka808
Last post by shaka808 4
Need a connected room, JW Marriott please 2 Queens
Started by shaleira
Last post by shaleira 1
Looking for a connected hotel with room for everyone else
Started by droopymccool49
Last post by droopymccool49 1
Need a downtown room for one
Started by lore seeker
Last post by lore seeker 1
Seeking downtown room, Marriott properties preferred
Started by jadony
Last post by jadony 1
looking for a room at the Marriott Downtown or Weston
Started by arienna6
Last post by arienna6 1
Will take any downtown room!
Started by thedeadwillwalk
Last post by thedeadwillwalk 1
Looking for a downtown reservation
Started by amaranth
Last post by amaranth 1
Looking for a downtown room
Started by chelledg
Last post by chelledg 1
Seeking Downtown Room
Started by toddygee
Last post by toddygee 1
Looking for a room downtown
Started by lmengsol
Last post by lmengsol 5
Looking for a room downtown
Started by osoart
Last post by osoart 1
Looking for downtown room!
Started by donecker
Last post by donecker 2
Need downtown room
Started by rayken
Last post by rayken 2
Looking for downtown 1 room, 3-4 nights, any size!
Started by bluesky
Last post by bluesky 4
Originally posted a week ago..... Looking for Embassy Suites - Double/Double
Started by fizler
Last post by fizler 2
AerodromeAce looking for room/rooms Downtown.
Started by otthawk1
Last post by otthawk1 1
Looking for Downtown
Started by onelittlemoment
Last post by onelittlemoment 1
2 Guys hoping to roommate with someone in connected hotel.
Started by bowersgamecorner
Last post by bowersgamecorner 1
The not so lucky Irish need a room downtown!
Started by beccaroo
Last post by beccaroo 1
Looking for downtown
Started by jake21kai
Last post by jake21kai 1
Looking for downtown room
Started by sick_wookie
Last post by sick_wookie 1
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