Release Hype!
Posted by alittleparrott

I'm too excited to get to the con, and will use any excuse to distract myself from actual work to talk about the con. So.... 

What new games are you excited about??? What's your first stop in the dealer hall going to be?  What is your must-have item? What are you excited to play? What are you excited to attend?

My list is below:

Forbidden Sky
5 Minute Marvel
Battle of the Bards
Lost Cities: Rivals
And probably about 10 more that I'm still on the fence about. 

Posted by trace_sl

  • Warhammer 4e by Cubicle 7 
  • Witcher Roleplay game IF it is out but my interest has been falling on this one as it has taken too long to make it to the market.  

Everything else will be a surprise.  

Posted by swearbear

New Games:

  • L5R RPG (Got our tickets to Wedding at Kyotei Castle!)
  • Hopefully more info on Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory


  • L5R RPG lol
  • Twilight Imperium Tourney
  • Battletech!

First stop will be probably Fantasy Flight Games. Did I miss it on the interactive map, but I didn't see John Wick Presents at all though it says they will be there on their site.  

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