Look down people!
Posted by ladyimm

Just my annual rant:

I've graduated from a scooter to a rollator (and sometimes a cane).  My annual rant is this: LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

Seriously, the # of years, back when I used a scooter, that I had some yahoo step right in front of me, causing me to have to quickly stop (and praying the thing WOULD quickly stop) when they could have watched where they were going... it's not any easier with a rollator... you're relying on my legs stopping progress fast - and perhaps causing me (or whomever else) to sprain an ankle.

So please... look where you are going.

Thank you!

-Lady I

Posted by kellishaver

As someone with no peripheral vision (literally a <20º visual field in my only eye), I have to admit this is something of a concern of mine. At the same time, I feel like everything would be way too crowded to use a white cane effectively (I normally only use it in weird lighting situations or when traveling alone - it's not something I need all the time).

As much as I'm worried about being a nuisance to other people, I'm equally worried about a stray elbow or backpack to the head when some tall person in the crowd who isn't looking turns around suddenly. It certainly wouldn't be the first time...

Here's hoping we don't crash into one another.... I'm watching where I'm going as best I can.

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